About us

 who are we?

My mission is to help those who are new to investing to get started without anxiety by providing easy-to-understand educational content.

I believe very strongly that investing may seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. At the same time, I also believe that learning how to invest your money is an essential step in preparing for your future. That's why I created InvestTeam.

Democratize investing, and make it accessible to those who need it

If I ask you to close your eyes and think about what an investor looks like, you might picture a 50-something guy in a suit - and maybe even with a nice watch on his wrist.

That's a problem.

Want to know what an investor really looks like?

Look in the mirror. And I say that with love.

The fact is, we all more or less need to learn how to invest our money properly.

But we face a lot of myths that persist and hold us back:

  • Investing is way too risky
  • You really need to know a lot about investing to start
  • Investing is really boring
  • You have to have the means to invest / it's for the rich
  • Investing is like playing at a casino
  • Investing means supporting companies that are not necessarily very virtuous
  • It's really not for me, it's too complicated a universe

In the meantime, the money sleeping in your savings accounts makes you lose purchasing power every year.

But fortunately for you, there are other solutions. And it is these solutions that I want to present to you simply (and with lightness) on InvestTeam.