How to invest easily? 6 tips for beginner investors

For 76% of freelancers, the inability to save money is a constant worry. How do you ensure long-term financial health, with income that fluctuates with each assignment? The answer lies in investing!

However, investing creates other challenges for the freelancer. You have to find the time to find the best investments to make a profit.

Because your time is precious, Mon Petit Placement wants to help you make your savings grow simply and efficiently. How can we do that? We tell you everything in this article!


1. Use an investment platform

Being a freelancer means looking for your own assignments, and taking care of your communication, your accounting... In short, all the administration of a company, in addition to the management of your clients' assignments! It is difficult to find time for other activities, such as finding good savings plans, for example.

In addition, the financial investment industry seems daunting for a novice. The risks often seem high.

This is where an investment platform, such as My Little Investment, comes in handy. With ongoing support, you can monitor your investments and get advice on the best investment strategy from home.

But that's not the only advantage of this platform! To break the codes, even more, it offers you high-end investments normally reserved for "big investors". The objective? Boost your savings!

Lyon's most fashionable fintech of the moment, labeled "French Tech Seed", offers a neo-private management service. Savings solutions with high-performance returns and transparent fees.

To achieve this, Mon Petit Placement combines the efficiency of algorithms with the proximity of its teams to offer you personalized support and assistance if needed.

It's simple, customized, and secure!

2. Invest in a theme that is important to you

You don't want to become the Wolf of Wall Street! You want to invest in companies or products that correspond to your values. This is understandable, especially since it is your company's image that is at stake.

The secret is therefore to find thematic portfolios to choose yourself the activities in which to invest. This avoids investing your money in a company whose commitments are far from yours.

With Mon Petit Placement, you can invest in responsible investments that support social, societal or environmental progress. It is even possible to support French or European companies weakened by the coronavirus crisis.

What to earn money without giving up your values!


3. Start gradually

Even if you want to make your savings grow quickly, you should start with minimal risks. Especially as a beginner investor.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to save thousands of euros to benefit from a profitable investment. With only 300€ (if you make monthly payments of 100€), you can start on My Little Investment.

48 hours after your registration, you will receive an assessment of your situation. An advisor will recommend an initial allocation based on your risk tolerance and your objectives.

In addition, the platform sends you regular reviews of market trends. You can then choose to increase (or not), diversify or modify your investments.

Finally, another important security: at any time, you can get your money back if you need it.


4. Controlling risk-taking

Controlling risk-taking is important to avoid bankruptcy. Indeed, even if you take maximum precautions, there is no such thing as zero risk. You must expect fluctuations in your capital when you invest.

Start by defining the duration of your investment. If it's long, you can take on a lot of risks.

To help you determine your risk tolerance, My Little Investment offers a questionnaire when you create your profile. You find out if you are a financier :

  • Voluntary: here you run less risk and get a 3% return per year.
  • Energetic: the risk is more moderate and the return is more dynamic (5%).
  • Ambitious: high risk with a return of 8% per year.
  • Intrepid: this is the riskiest level and also the most profitable (12% return).

The platform has an investment simulator to estimate how much you will earn with each investment. You are alerted in time of every important movement in the market.

Every quarter, the startup's experts meet to select the products to offer in each portfolio. The goal is to choose companies that operate in trendy sectors and to guarantee you choices that are in line with the market.


5. Anticipate investment fees

In general, investment platforms charge management fees as well as commissions. It is important to check these points before signing up and investing.

At Mon Petit Placement, there are no entry and exit fees, low management fees charged by the insurer of 0.5% of the amount invested, and a performance-based remuneration for Mon Petit Placement. In concrete terms, Mon Petit Placement only charges you a commission if your investment performs well and only on your earnings!


6. Be accompanied by experts

As a budding investor, it is important to be accompanied.

In addition to a personalized video to help you in your first steps, Mon Petit Placement accompanies you throughout your investment. The personalized advice of the experts will help you invest in profitable products that correspond to your level of risk-taking.

Regular market reviews are easily understood by any beginner in financial investment. However, you can always contact an advisor in a live chat on the mobile application or request information by email or phone.



Financial investing is a good way to secure income as a freelancer.

You don't know anything about saving? By registering on a platform such as Mon Petit Placement, you will benefit from personalized support, products that suit you, and a considerable saving of time!

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